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Infant Care


Women have been breastfeeding babies since the beginning of time, but that doesn't mean it comes naturally to everyone. 


Baby sleep problems can affect the health of mums and dads. There’s a strong link between baby sleep problems and symptoms of postnatal depression in women and also postnatal depression in men. But the link isn’t there if parents of babies with sleep problems are getting enough sleep themselves. (Raising

Infant Nutrition

Good nutrition during the first 2 years of life is vital for healthy growth and development. Starting good nutrition practices early can help children develop healthy dietary patterns. (CDC) There are calories and there's nutrition, and babies (and adults!) need both to be happy and healthy. 

What is THAT? Questions and answers about what's in your baby's diaper and when to seek medical care.


Babies who cry more than three hours a day for more than three days a week over the course of three weeks may have colic, which affects one in five babies. 


Another sign of colic is crying that’s more like screaming and that usually occurs in the later afternoon or evening for hours at a time (What to

Emergencies: What to look for and how to respond. 

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