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Many words associated with substance use disorder are stigmatizing and using those words can prevent people who need treatment from seeking help. People with substance use disorders and people in recovery are more likely to seek substance abuse treatment and maintain sobriety when they develop social connections. Isolation, discrimination and prejudice are obstacles to social inclusion.

Addressing Stigma

According to the American Psychiatric Association, fear of stigma can lead patients to forego getting treatment, leading to poor health outcomes. 


Shatterproof is leading many programs to help reduce the stigma of addiction, improve treatment quality and access, and save lives.

The Stigma of Addiction Project

A few years ago, the Stigma of Addiction project of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) set out to identify strategies for communicating anti-stigma messages to various audiences. Literature reviews and the voices of people directly affected by stigma informed this process.

Educational and Informative Videos about the Effects of Poverty 
Educational and Informative Videos about Stigma
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